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The World's Finest Original Art, Classical Reproductions & Photographic Art

The World's Finest Original Art, Classical Reproductions & Photographic Art

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The World's Finest Original Art, Classical Reproductions & Photographic Art

Welcome to the Zhee-Klay-Verssage Revolution & The Fine Art of Interior Design.

In 2014 Art Chateau created and Trademarked the World's finest Brand of Classical Reproduction Art...known as Technique "Zhee-Klay-Verssage." Because of the enormous void in High-End, Reproduction Fine Art, we painstakingly developed this amazing Brand of Focal Point paintings that has captured the imagination of the Interior Design community. At the Art Chateau Studios, our mission was to remaster and create a new benchmark for superior reproductions that would enable designers to effectively decorate with amazing pictures and museum quality frames.

Our Trademark Mixed Media process involves Corrections and Enhancement to Classical Digital images, followed by carefully printing on Fine Archival canvas. Continuing, we meticulously apply fine art pencils and Acrylic paint to the canvas, followed by mounting to rigid Aluminum Dibond for extended longevity. Finally, our Framed paintings are finished with a proprietary Hand-Crafted Semi-Gloss varnish with Ultra UV protection, a truly brilliant idea! The results are Stunning Focal Point Design paintings of unparalleled quality.

We began in 2010 as an outlet for Interior designers to purchase Classical Fine art reproductions. Also, Architects, Hoteliers, and Restaurateurs have used our professional art services to create dramatic Focal Point Design; further we provide Period Fine Art Reproductions for the Motion Picture Industry. Simply put, the Zhee-Klay-Verssage Brand equals Cutting-Edge and Absolute HD Gallery presentation.

Art Chateau will never be a poster farm generating thousands of Low-Quality prints. We are a State of the Art Company, passionate about what we do, and will always put Customer Service at the forefront of our business model. If you're looking to create elegance & ambiance with a heartwarming sense of satisfaction....please allow the Art Chateau team to work with you on your next decorating project.

"The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily Life off our Souls" ... Pablo Picasso