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Babylon Revisited

Jeffery Steel / Photographs Courtesy of The Bolshoi Ballet

Russia's Crown Jewel and The Tainted Chalice of the Bolshoi

For centuries, the Bolshoi Ballet has been Russia's Crown Jewel of culture and heritage, an institution reflecting the country's unsurpassed artistic tradition as surely as it mirrored its unbridled ambitions for global dominance. But the cherished ballet saw its seamy underbelly exposed...

Babylon Revisited

Susannah Cord

Mata Hari... the Legendary Courtesan Who's Deadly...

Had she known, when adopting the stage name Mata Hari, that the Malay phrase would bring her as much infamy as fame while leading her...

Babylon Revisited

Susannah Cord

Josephine Baker...From the Dixie Steppers to Exotic...

Before there was Madonna, there was Josephine in her banana skirt. Before there was Angelina, there was Josephine and her Rainbow...

Babylon Revisited

Daniel Evon / Photographs Courtesy of Studio 54 History & Archives

Studio 54, Culture of the Night

As the founder of one of the most famous clubs in the world, Steve Rubell was known to celebrities for planning exorbitant,...

Babylon Revisited

Daniel Evon

Behold, Burlesque is Alive and Well

A peep of skin here and a dash of undress there. The sly seductresses of the burlesque stage have perfected the art of tease anew, and...

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