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The Amazing Hotel Caesar Augustus, Capri, Italy

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Island of Capri: Luxury boutique hotel above the Mediterranean Sea - breathtaking views, infinity pool, gardens, terraces, wellness gym and poolside restaurant.

Azimut Yachts: The Future Of Luxury Boating

Attended by more than 250 international guests in January of 2014, Motor Boat Awards unveiled the Azimut 80 super-yacht. The Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony hosted at the Landmark Hotel in London by IPC Marine Media made it two wins for Azimut-Benet

Exploring the Boundaries of Technology and Fantasy...Welcome to Skyacht One

Imagine if a Yacht that could fly. Behold, Skyacht One soars with it's hand painted "Trompe l'oeil" Mahogany Hull" and towering vertical stabilizer. Embraer's Lineage 1000E is the largest Executive jet

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Since the beginning of 2013, Art Chateau International has been considered by many to be the quintessential LifeStyle Magazine on the Internet. However, we began as a resource for designers to purchase High End, Fine Art Reproductions, as well as Ori

The Driehaus Museum and the Magnificent Splendor...

A short distance away from Chicago's famed Magnificent Mile, the Driehaus Museum offers visitors a fascinating vision of one of the few remaining examples of the palatial homes built by the wealthy of America's Gilded Age. Nicknamed

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Period Fine Art Reproductions for the Motion Picture Industry

Since 2010, we have been creating the finest Classical Reproduction Art (Zhee-KLAY-Verssage) anywhere in the world. Our unique technique allows us to Re-Master Classical works of art from the Italian Renaissance to Post Modern art. Our three step pro

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At Art Chateau International we are passionate about "The Art of Living" and all the wonderful things the world had to offer. While Luxury Lifestyle has become the mantra for the ultra affluent, we have also chosen to embrace a certain d

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Candidates interested in writing for Art Chateau must demonstrate self-motivation and a strong ability to write compelling content. We have twenty-five exciting categories to write stories about. If you would like to be part of our team of writers, f

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Zhee-Klay-Verssage ... The World's Finest Original Art & Classical Reproductions

The Art Chateau Studios have perfected the Unique Technique of Zhee-Klay-Verssage which we created in 2009. We've developed this process of creating the finest Classical Reproductions on Earth, thru a series of Multi-Media Applications

The Art Chateau Magazine

Our quarterly magazine is an adjunct to our Luxury Lifestyle Web-Site. Four times a year you will see more in-depth articles about interesting topics that will make you smile and sometimes cause you to pause and reflect. Our comprehensive team of wri

Buenos Aires' World Tango Festival: 18 Days of Dance

Rising from the obscurity of the southern Argentina brothels near the end of the nineteenth century, the Tango has come to embody the deliberate sensuality and excitement of an entire culture. Never before has a genre made such an enduring mark on a

Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, One of the City's Best

If your passion and penchant for the chic and mystique leave your senses craving fancy boutiques, five-star dining, fabulous Antonio Gaudí buildings and the most upscale hospitality experience in the entire Barcelona region, then make haste in

Casamigos Tequila

George Clooney, Rande Gerber, and Mike Meldman, the three amigos, really love drinking tequila, so it was a natural for these longtime friends to develop their very own house brand. Whether it's on the rocks or by the shot and yes, sometimes str

La Belle Epoque Hotel Barge...Cruising thru the Heart of Northern Burgundy

La Belle Epoque was built in 1930 as a barge boat used for carrying timber from Burgundy to Paris along the canals of France. It was converted into a hotel barge in the late 1990's. The new barge was then equipped with luxury amenities, includin

Francis Ford Coppola Returns to His Italian Roots

The famed filmmaker talks about his latest production: the Jacques Grange–designed Palazzo Margherita hotel in his grandparents' hometown in Southern Italy.

Art Chateau's Fine Art Consulting Service.

Our Fine Art Consulting produces Amazing results! At Art Chateau, we are passionate about decorating with art. We began in 2010 as an outlet for Interior Designers to purchase High-End Classical Fine Art Reproductions. Since then, we have provided a

The Alhambra: Rich in History and Culture

Granada has a rich and complicated history. It originated as an Iberian settlement under Ancient Roman rule. When the Roman Empire fell, Visigoths maintained it as a military hub. In 711, Muslims forces captured Granada and brought Islamic rule to t

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