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Buenos Aires' World Tango Festival: 18 Days of Dance

By: Daniel Evon / Photographs Courtesy of Buenos Aires' Tango Festival

  • Buenos Aires' World Tango Festival

TANGO: Buenos Aires Argentina

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Rising from the obscurity of the southern Argentina brothels near the end of the nineteenth century, the Tango has come to embody the deliberate sensuality and excitement of an entire culture. Never before has a genre made such an enduring mark on a city or country while engraining itself in the lives and minds of so many people than has this flexuous prance. Known as ‘The Dance That Shook the World’, the Tango has proven itself to be the most powerful, cultural force of its kind, having earned the undivided attention of famous Argentine dancers such as German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina's Capital City, Buenos Aires

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By the dawn of the 20th century, Argentina's capital city, Buenos Aires, had earned the distinction of being the largest city in South America. It had been given its name in 1536 by its founder, Pedro de Mendoza, a Spanish explorer who had christened it ‘Ciudad de Nuestra Señora Santa María del Buen Ayre’, or the ‘City of Our Lady Saint Mary of the Fair Wind’. However, in 1989, the city saw itself being referred to as ‘la Cuidad de Furia’, meaning ‘the City of Fury’ in a song written and performed by ‘Soda Stereo’, an Argentine rock band.

  • The Tango has come to personify inspiration and has infused its fans and followers

Every Year, Devoted Throngs of Enamored Festival-Goers Have Packed the Streets of Buenos Aires Festivities

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Since its lascivious beginnings in the bath houses of Buenos Aires, the Tango has come to personify inspiration and has infused its fans and followers with an insatiable passion for its convulsive entanglements. Every year, devoted throngs of enamored festival-goers have packed the streets of Buenos Aires festivities, and this year’s event was no different, undoubtedly confirming the legitimacy of its top billing, while making it an event that no Tango lover would have wanted to miss. Fest 300: The World's Best Festivals.

  • Buenos Aires' World Tango Festival

11th Annual World Tango Festival

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This year, the 11th annual World Tango Festival organizers expected – and saw - well over 500,000 people making their way to the famed dance floors (known as ‘milongas’) of Buenos Aires during this monumental event – a record-breaking crowd that elevated the heart rate of even the most vigorous attendee. The opening of the 2016 ceremony had, indeed, set the stage for a phenomenal 18-day marathon.

  • The August 2016 Festival featured a colossal, open-air dance

The August 2016 Festival Featured a Colossal, Open-Air Dance

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The August 2016 festival featured a colossal, open-air dance, which played host to over ten thousand tangueros - all of which were spinning and gyrating across the streets of Buenos Aires, transfixed by the lore and enchantment that came to be the trademark of the Tango. As the world renowned utopian dance festival played out before the eyes of the world, once again, this year’s festivities restored the worldwide spotlight that the Tango has illuminated upon the Argentine capital, Festivals de Buenosaires.

  • The Tango's Incandescent Embrace

The Tango's Incandescent Embrace

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The Tango's incandescent embrace reverberates with the age-old symbol of connection that has become the Bourgeois language of the masses, serving to unite the people of countless cultures, ethnicities, and generations. With its omnipresent roots found in the obscenities of society's underbelly and the glamorous elegance of the super elite, this heart-pounding dance has come to epitomize the people of planet Buenos Aires, ensuring that the Tango is forever emblazoned in the annals of world history.

Watch Video: Tango Buenos Aires - Final Tango Escenario

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