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Yachts & Cruises

Daniel Evon

Azimut Yachts: The Future Of Luxury Boating

Attended by more than 250 international guests in January of 2014, Motor Boat Awards unveiled the Azimut 80 super-yacht. The Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony hosted at the Landmark Hotel in London by IPC Marine Media made it two wins for Azimut-Benetti when announced it was the winner of...

Yachts & Cruises

Tom Oliver / Photographs Courtesy of Overblue

Overblue, The Amalgamation of Houseboat & Catamaran, into Dramatic Luxury

Italian yacht maker Raffaele Grotti is a modern day alchemist who has managed to turn water into wine...well okay, maybe not, but he...

Yachts & Cruises

Tom Oliver / Photographs Courtesy of Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts, Immerse Yourself in Remarkable Sophistication with the New 30M Class

Experience remarkable sophistication with the new Princess 30M Class, a powerfully and lavishly-equipped entry point to Princess...

Yachts & Cruises

Tom Oliver / Photographs Courtesy of Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises, Savor Exotic Destinations and Haute Cuisine

To sail aboard one of the mid-sized cruise ships of Oceania Cruises is to be surrounded by luxury, service, haute cuisine – and...

Yachts & Cruises

Susannah Cord

Amadeus Luxury Cruises, Traveling the World's Most Beautiful Rivers

Amadeus Luxury Cruises takes you traveling the world’s most beautiful rivers on a fleet designed solely for the comfort of their...

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