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Jeffery Steele / Photographs Courtesy of Yuba & Pushelberg & Others

International Icons of Brilliant Interior Design

Creators of luxury yachts, exclusive restaurants, world-class hotels and even ultra-high-end homes invariably seek to ensure they leave their well-heeled customers with mind-blowing first impressions. And over the years, many have found there's a fail-safe way to accomplish that daunting...


Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of Balenciaga Museum

Cristobal Balenciaga...Premier Couture Designer

Iconic even to icons, his peers called him the Master, the King, and the one ‘true couturier’ in a sea of fashion designers....


Ondine Cohane

Francis Ford Coppola Returns to His Italian Roots

When director Francis Ford Coppola opened his latest hotel venture a few years back, expanding his portfolio of luxury boutique...

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