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Demorus, The Singular Source for the World's Most...

By: Najah Syed / Photographs Courtesy of Demorus Coffee

  • Demorus: The Singular Source for the World's Most Exceptional Coffee

Demorus: The Singular Source for the World's Most Exceptional Coffee

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For those wondering where to find the world’s most extraordinary cup of coffee, search no further. The answer lies with Jennifer Stone, a renowned coffee cupper who has forever changed our view of this classic drink. While studying in Mexico, Jennifer visited a local cafe and marveled at the rich layers of flavor in her mug, along with the lively friendships around her. Promptly realizing the potential of coffee in our society, she traveled to Spain in search of knowledge and the best-quality beans she could find. Stone’s ultimate goal was to invigorate consumers, and she realized this dream upon founding the heavenly Demours Café Prive Select. With this luxury brand, Jennifer continues to search the world for sumptuous coffees, creative producers, and complex flavors, to broaden palates and provide an exceptional relaxation experience. "From here, I journeyed to the plazas of southern Spain, where I became a student of café culture, in preparation for bringing the authentic experience to America."

  • Demorus: The Singular Source for the World's Most Exceptional Coffee

Earthday From Under the Canopy, Jennifer Stone in Guatemala

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Indeed, Jennifer’s adventures have led to the beginning of an international phenomenon, as Demours has been rightfully dubbed the global caretakers of the finest coffee. This unique company is unlike any other, with a delicious brew that is indulgent, just like a fine wine and a product that is pure and refined in an overly crowded mark. Of the one percent of the world’s coffee that is considered specialty grade, only one percent of this can claim the privilege of being called Café Prive Select, a luxury that belongs solely to Demours. It is quite clear, based on this great honor, that the brand is on a continuous mission to find the rarest and delicious beans, searching in remote locations and building valuable relationships with growers on multiple continents has proven to be a winner. With all of this hard work, we can safely say that Demours has found its way to the top of the list of five-star coffees.

  • Demorus: The Singular Source for the World's Most Exceptional Coffee

Cordillero Mountain Range in Panama

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Much of the reason for Demours phenomenal reputation lies in its unique method of preparing coffee beans. Demours, on the other hand, is quite different, first and foremost, superior beans are carefully evaluated from only select small-lot growers, who immediately process and ship them to the Demours manufacturing facility. There, these beans are carefully micro-roasted to perfection, ready to be transformed into sheer nirvana, a beverage representative of its namesake. The prepared product is then shipped that very day to customers and restaurants alike, along with the equipment and instructions necessary for first-rate brewing. From that point on, the magic lies in your hands, and rest assured that each coffee bean has been treated with utmost respect and meticulous care.

  • Demorus: The Singular Source for the World's Most Exceptional Coffee

Jennifer Stone with School Kids in Kenya

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Indeed, the Café Prive Select comes in numerous varieties from around the globe, including three options each from Panama and Kenya, and four from Ethiopia. All are uniquely sophisticated and overflowing with flavor, and also greatly limited in quantity, making Demours a one of a kind brand. Further, we cannot forget that the company guarantees not only the most effective brewing process but also the best growing conditions. For example, one of most delicious coffee beans is grown in Cordillero, a stunning Panama mountain range where the fertile soil, morning mists allow the microclimate to sustain high-quality beans. All of these factors culminate in the most enticing cup of coffee that encompass the flavors of orange, chocolate, magnolia, jasmine, and peach all at once.

  • Demorus: The Singular Source for the World's Most Exceptional Coffee

A Demours Concierge is Available to Answer Questions

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Well, there is one more way in which Demours goes above and beyond for its consumers. While not only selling the world's most exquisite coffee beans, this amazing brand offers first class accouterment to help both novices and experts perfect their brewing technique. There over twenty fashionable brewing instruments available in the online store, including brew bundles, filters, glass servers, timers, cleaners, home espresso machines, and more. Regardless of your preferred style of drink, there is something for everyone, whether a lover of French press or pourover. You will even be privy to a personal concierge to answer all questions and convert you into a coffee aficionado. With its zeal for culture and camaraderie, Demours has utterly revolutionized what is often considered a simple drink into a rejuvenating adventure, to be taken on with passion and care. It is truly the ultimate coffee experience.

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