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Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

By: Skye Sherman

  • Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

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When one arrives in Prague “the city of one hundred spires” it is a bit like stepping back in time, the Vltava River ambles through the town, creating miles of picturesque waterfront and scenes right out of a childhood storybook. There are cobblestone streets, historic facades, and crowds of people taking to the city by foot and bicycle. Perhaps their off to the Old Town Square for a cinnamon-dusted trdelník from a street vendor, or maybe their leisurely strolling to enjoy the temperate climate of early summer. Whatever the case, in Prague, the hustle and bustle of the twenty-first century seems to vanish. What I found on my recent trip was a maze of streets lined with shop owners and bespoke establishments, a sepia-toned color palette reminiscent of an old photograph from the times of Franz Kafka. As I was under Prague’s magical spell, I could hear Classical melodies wafting from the open windows along the way, I found that getting lost among the narrow alleyways was not an inconvenience, but an adventure, a gift I shall never forget.

  • Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

The Five-Star Neoclassical Boscolo Hotel, Prague

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The capital and shining star of the Czech Republic has long been a political and cultural hub of central Europe. It was once the capital of the kingdom of Bohemia and home to multiple Holy Roman Emperors, including Charles IV. As time went on, Prague played an integral part in major world-shifting events, including the Protestant Reformation and the Thirty Years’ War. Prague with its rich history has not fallen behind when it comes to contemporary luxury and modern sensibilities. This was evident throughout the city and became profound as I experienced the gracious staff and stunning interior of the Boscolo Prague, a five-star neoclassical hotel. The world-famous establishment features a cavernous underground spa with a pool spanning over 65 feet, a cigar bar built into a 19th-century bank vault, and expansive suites. It is a haven located just a short walking distance from many of the old cities most popular attractions.

  • Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

More than Thirty Bridges Cross the Vltava River in Prague, but the Most Famous is the Charles Bridge

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More than thirty bridges and footbridges cross the Vltava River in Prague, but the most famous is the Charles Bridge. Constructed in the 1300's, Charles Bridge has long been an icon of the city; it was the only way to cross the river up until 1841, making it an essential thoroughfare between Prague Castle and the heart of the town. During its long history, it also helped to establish Prague as an important trade route connecting Western and Eastern Europe. Today, you’ll find the Charles dotted with statues and offering one of the best views of the entire city. If you do nothing else during your time in Prague, take a walk along this fabled Bridge to experience the allure of times gone by while mingling with the energy of people today.

  • Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

Prague's Old Town Square is a Hotspot for Tourists, Drawing Crowds with its Medieval Architecture

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Prague’s Old Town Square is a hotspot for tourists, drawing crowds with its medieval architecture, food stalls, street performers, and the famously intricate Astronomical Clock, which is still in working order today. While the square certainly deserves a visit, I found myself drawn to wander away from the crowds, down side streets and alleyways, all the while stumbling across hidden gems. From the breathtaking stained glass of St. Vitus Cathedral to the spunky Jewish Quarter, I’ve found it to be a rule of travel that the most memorable experiences often occur just a short distance away from wherever the tourists converge. After days spent exploring, I was happy to discover that Prague has no shortage of edgy bistros, lively bars and fine dining establishments, including the renowned Bellevue. There are also innumerable white table-cloth restaurants tucked into quiet corners serving the national dish “knedliky” consisting of pork or beef meat with sauce and a side dish.

  • Prague...City of Music, Love and Romance

Sunrise Over the Vltava which Encircles the City of Romance and Intrigue

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Magic comes from the unexpected, and my enchanting time in this beer-soaked architectural marvel revealed to me that Prague exudes a surprising but undeniable charm. I was transported by its classical outdoor cafés and glimmering lights to a simpler time when composers Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana were the rock stars of the day. It was then that life centered around savoring the simple pleasures, like hearing the notes of a lute winding curiously through the streets or breathing in the aroma of freshly baked pastries. Prague is the city of music, love, and romance; it is here that you can gaze upon the majesty of these classical spires, from the Charles, take in the Vltava encircling a city of intrigue, or ponder those who have traversed these streets before you. One thing is certain; you’ll sense that you’ve been taken back to another time, all the while thinking of a thousand reasons to return and begin again.

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