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Danzante: Celebrate the Dance of Life, La Dolce Vita and Sensational Synergy

By: Jeffrey Steele / Photographs Courtesy of Danzante

  • Danzante: Celebrate the Dance of Life, La Dolce Vita and Sensational Synergy

The Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi Family of Tuscany, Italy

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It’s said the third time is the charm. If so, then Danzante is a very special wine. The third collaboration forged by the joint venture between the Robert Mondavi family of Napa Valley, Calif. and the Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi family of Tuscany, Italy, Danzante is a product that could only have come from the Frescobaldi name. For a full 700 years, generations of this legendary Italian winemaking family have perfected their claim to creating the most exquisite wines grown anywhere in the world. The same thorough attention to detail, creativity, and perfection that has been the hallmark of the Frescobaldi lineage for centuries continues today. It flowers under the stewardship of Franceso Frescobaldi, who mixes his own unrivaled technical skill with his forebears’ pursuit of excellence in crafting the renowned wine called Danzante.

  • Danzante: Celebrate the Dance of Life, La Dolce Vita and Sensational Synergy

Danzante Refers to the Tantalizing Dance of Life Itself

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Had Danzante been borne solely of the Frescobaldi family, it would surely have been a superlative wine. But its uniqueness stems from another quality entirely. That is a one-of-a-kind synergy flowing from the joining of two world-famous wine-producing families. The pair combined forces more than two decades ago after the Robert Mondavi family signaled its intention to “come home again” to its Italian roots. Unveiled in 1999 with the 1997 vintage of Danzante Sangiovese and the 1998 vintage of Danzante Pinot Grigio, Danzante in no time fully lived up to its name. That imprimatur, richly representative of the Italian philosophy of “La Dolce Vita,” is a celebration of all things Italian, from tempting cuisine to unforgettable times, beautiful people and sensory pleasures. Italian for the English word “dancing,” the name Danzante quite literally refers to the mesmerizing, tantalizing dance of life itself.

  • Danzante: Celebrate the Dance of Life, La Dolce Vita and Sensational Synergy

Danzante Family of Wines Encompasses a Great Many Varieties and Vintages

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Emanating from nine different estates dotting the fertile Tuscan landscape, the Danzante family of wines encompasses a great many varieties and vintages. Regardless of your level of wine drinking sophistication, Danzante offers a delightfully aromatic, flavorful wine just right for your palette and preferences. You may enjoy a layered, lush Merlot, pairing perfectly with pasta. By contrast, your preference might be a redolent, rosy Toscano Rosso, superb with stews and other comfort foods. Then again, the delicate crispness of a Pinot Grigio, the smooth, silky, balanced Prosecco, the lingering rich fruit flavors of a Chianti or the flavorful yet subtle tones of a Moscato may be ideal for you, your guests and the evening you're savoring. Exceptional and memorable, yet surprisingly within reach, the Danzante family of wines promises an experience that perfectly complements most any occasion.

  • Danzante: Celebrate the Dance of Life, La Dolce Vita and Sensational Synergy

Danzante Summer Sweet Tea Sangria

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Whether hosting a wine-tasting party, gathering with friends or simply relaxing with that special person, count on Danzante Wines to provide you with the perfect recipe for enjoyment. Danzante wine cocktails are a superb way to enjoy summer. The hottest days of the season are perfect for a Tuscan Blackberry Refresher, made from Danzante Tuscan Red, gin and lime juice over ice and topped with blackberries. Delicious! When the temperatures soar, who doesn't love the fruity freeze of a Chianti Sangria, concocted from three cups of Danzante Chianti, one cup brandy, one cup triple sec, one sliced orange and two cups chilled club soda. Just as refreshing is a Danzante Mimosa, prepared from two ounces of Danzante Pinot Grigio, one ounce orange juice and one-half ounce lemon flavor syrup, for a taste of light yet sweet perfection. For more ideas, check the Danzante website for wine cocktails, then savor a summer sensation.

  • Danzante: Celebrate the Dance of Life, La Dolce Vita and Sensational Synergy

Danzante Wines Perfectly Complements Most Any Occasion

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You may be the type who enjoys carrying home fine wine from Europe, or you may be equally delighted with “Italian-style” wines produced in the United States. Either way, you're certain to find a favorite in Danzante Wines. This collaboration between two renowned wine-making families has yielded a highly accessible wine whose character some describe as “fruit forward,” making it eminently pairable with any number of delicious dishes. Highly acclaimed by Wine Enthusiast and a variety of other reviewers, Danzante brings a lineage of luxury within range of all who savor fine wine. When the occasion calls for friends, family, food and fun, don't hesitate to make Danzante a part of your memories, and reap even greater delight from the dance of life.

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