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Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of Shakespeare and Company

Legacy Nouveau and the Wonderful World of Sylvia Beach Whitman

Paris! The center of the globetrotting universe and the dream of many a wandering heart, though they may never realize the true source of the infamous charm of Paris. Within a stone’s throw of the Seine and the Cathedral of Notre Dame, magic and wonder reign within the four walls and...

Books & Authors

Susannah Cord

Constantin Tischendorf...Hunter of Ancient Text

There may have been no gripping soundtrack, beautiful blondes or fast camera angles as Constantin von Tischendorf crossed the Sinai...

Books & Authors

Susannah Cord

The Voynich Manuscript...Mystery and Ancient Lore

Alien or terrestrial, occult or naïve, a hoax or the work of genuine genius? The history of the Voynich Manuscript, fraught with...

Books & Authors

Daniel Evon / Photographs Courtesy of Bloomsday Festival

Merry Bloomsday! Raise a Guinness to James Joyce

An energetic commemoration of all things Joyce, devoted Joyceans come into Dublin from all around the world every June 16th, known as...

Books & Authors

Daniel Evon

William Tyndale, Fugitive for Translation of the Bible

On the run. Moving from town to town. Hiding in obscure, roadside inns and on top of the Kings “Most Wanted” list. The year is...

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