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Art History

Daniel Evon

The Capture of the Westmorland...a Historical Episode in Time

This image is from a collection of paintings commandeered by the French from the British during the Anglo-French War and was then sold to Spain, where it resided for many years. This portrait of Francis Basset, the first Baron de Dunstanville, was painted by Pompeo Batoni in 1778. Basset...

Art History

Skye Sherman / Photographs Courtesy of The Corning Museum of Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany's Glass Mosaics...

Tiffany may be a household name, but most people associate the moniker with iconic stained glass lamps. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder...

Art History

Jeffrey Steele

Hermann Goering and the Cultural Rape of Europe

It wasn't long after the May 1940 Nazi conquest of the Netherlands that Hitler and Field Marshal Hermann Goering embarked on an...

Art History

Susannah Cord

El Greco...and the Whispering Spirits

What was it that set the remarkable painter known as El Greco apart from not only his contemporaries, but generations of artists to...

Art History

Jeffrey Steele

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Final Mystery...Salvator Mundi

What’s known about this case is somewhat opaque. Leonardo Da Vinci’s painted his Salvator Mundi around the year 1513, near the...

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