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World Music

Najah Syed / Photographs Courtesy of Sol Gabetta

The Dazzling Virtuosity of Sol Gabetta

Sol Gabetta's name evokes a sense of exhilaration and nostalgia in all who have experienced her captivating musical performances. An Argentine cellist, Gabetta has been active in the classical music industry since 1991. She began her journey at age three when the violin caught her...

World Music

Stephen Benak / Photographs Courtesy of Max Raabe & Palast Orchestra

Max Raabe & The Palast Orchestra

The suave and sophisticated gentleman pictured above is none other than the tremendously popular German Max Raabe, singer, composer,...

World Music

Najah Syed / Photographs Courtesy of Anne-Sophie Mutter

Anne-Sophie Mutter and her Stradivarius

The exhilarating performances of violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter, who has championed contemporary and Classical music in venues across...

World Music

Stephen Benak / Photographs Courtesy of The Met

Metropolitan Opera 50th Anniversary Concert

The Metropolitan Opera House, Located on the Upper West Side, Broadway at Lincoln Square in the heart of Manhattan, is perhaps one of...

World Music

Stephen Benak / Photographs Courtesy of Maestro Pescasseroli

Symphonic Prodigy Jacopo Sipari Di Pescasseroli

Shown above is Music Director Jacobo Sipari Di Pescasseroli, a/k/a “Curtain” Pescasseroli, a child prodigy, genius, and Maestro of...

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