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Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend Two Miles...

By: Susannah Cord / Photographs Courtesy of Titanic Survey Expedition

  • Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend

See the Titanic, Become a Mission Specialists with the Titanic Survey Expedition

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A porcelain teacup, white as snow, daintily perched on the sandy ocean floor. A man’s left shoe, lying as if flung aside in haste. Black lumps of coal spread across the sand and a pocket watch, hands stopped at the very second the timepiece and the man who wore it was submerged in the icy water of the North Atlantic Ocean, beyond hope or help. These are but a few of the artifacts discovered amongst the eerie remains of the Titanic. It may be less than a league under the sea, but the most legendary shipwreck in modern times was still too deeply hidden for the layman observer until now, when deep pockets will allow for the viewing of the legend, two miles down, from inside a manned submersible. Over a century since an iceberg famously sunk the unsinkable, the Titanic Survey Expedition seeks to document that which remains.

  • Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend

Visit the Legend with OceanGate, a Private American Company

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Setting sail under much fanfare, the Titanic slipped her moorings on April 10th, 1912 after almost two years of design and construction. Leaving Southampton with over 2000 souls onboard, the Titanic was billed as the unsinkable ship, the pinnacle of luxury, and a defining triumph of the industrial age. A few days later, she would be buried under the sea, becoming a symbol of the passing of the Edwardian era, and the supercilious opulence thereof. “I still don’t like this ship, I have a queer feeling about it…” wrote First Officer Henry Wilde to his sister only hours into the journey, after port calls in Cherbourg, France, and Queenstown, Ireland. Equipped with ship to shore wireless, at the time considered more novel than required, the iceberg warnings pouring in from other steamers in the North Atlantic shipping lane were largely disregarded, while a moonless night and missing binoculars delayed detection.

  • Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend

Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend Two Miles Down Inside a Manned Submersible

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Peering through the dark without the aid of binoculars, lookout Frederick Fleet saw only calm seas with no telltale white topped waves to alert him to the presence of an iceberg. When finally spotted, it was too late despite his immediate three bell alarm, and only a few hours later, the tragedy that would reverberate throughout the world became recent history. Now, the Titanic Survey Expedition will take the fortunate few where few have ventured before, though not into space but to the depths of the ocean, to inspect, study, and document the shipwreck and its process of decay. For just over a hundred thousand dollars, adjusted for inflation to resemble the cost of a first-class passenger on the Titanic, a Mission Specialist will assist in not only funding the project but in accompanying tasks, including at least one dive 4000 meters below the sea to observe the Titanic.

  • Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend

Titanic Exploration, A Review of the 1912 Disaster

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Each Mission Specialist, selected from applicants by British tour operator Blue Marble Private, will spend a week aboard the Expedition Support Ship, Island Crown, embarking on the adventure with a helicopter flight from St. Johns, Newfoundland, to the site 380 nautical miles away. Led by Oceangate, a private American ocean exploration venture, the expedition slated for June 2018/2019 intends to document the deteriorating remains in order to establish an objective foundation for assessment of decay over time, while recording and preserving the Titanic’s waterlogged history for future study. Conducted according to UNESCO heritage site guidelines, respect will be paramount, remembering that here, some 1500 hearts stopped beating that night. Here, they found their eternal resting place on the ocean floor about to be studied so intimately, buried in the same inscrutable ocean that cared little for the price of their ticket when it drew them into its sunless depths.

  • Titanic Survey Expedition ...View the Legend

Titanic Exploration, OceanGate has Developed a Five-Person Sub to View the Legend

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Whereas the passengers of Titanic traveled either in the astounding luxury of first class, or in the bare bones quarters down below, the selected Mission Specialists will enjoy private quarters while sharing common rooms. They will assist in expedition tasks, from gathering sonar results to analyzing data and servicing the submersible. Furthermore, content experts will discuss the evolving history of the Titanic, like the 30,000 horsepower engines, halted too late to save her, to the sea creatures that inhabit her hulking form today. Whilst value will be found in preserving the memory of the graveyard that is the Titanic Heritage Site, Titanic Survey Expedition Specialists will find adventure in deep sea diving from the safety of a manned submersible, traveling two miles down to view the legend that took 1500 lives while shaping countless others, and paying homage to the victims of a phenomenon that ended in tragedy.

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